Ridgeside Falconry Display Team

Birds of Prey Experience

In nature nothing is more impressive than the Birds of Prey, masters of the sky and all they survey, the Hawk swoops over a potential meal, an eagle soars on the thermals and winds in the high country, the speed as they silently attack their prey. To the average person they can only be seen from a distance in remote areas through binoculars or a telescope, you can only imagine what it must be like to get up close to these magnificent creatures. Well, imagine no more, Ridgeside Falconry can bring you up close and personal to the captivating magic of these enchanting majestic birds.

Experienced Falconry Display Team

Phill Gibbons with his family and associates have for a number of years trained their collection of birds of prey to give an exciting and humorous displays to the public and it's definitely a hands-on, or should be say talons-on experience. From the humble little Barn Owl to the full grown Griffin African Vulture with an 11 foot wingspan, you can't fail to be impressed. Ridgeside Falconry can also tailor a demonstration to suit your requirements from a large country show to a medieval event. Ridgeside have the costumes and props to compliment their surroundings. A particular speciality is their Medieval tent and Falconry Display replicating techniques that have been used for centuries, you can imagine being in the time of King Arthur or Henry VIII as you watch Phill flying as many as four Hawks at once.

Falconry Corporate and Team Building

But, it's not all Country Shows and make believe and banquets, Ridgeside Falconry often supply Birds of Prey to film and TV companies, they give educational demonstrations at schools and for corporate entertainment and team building events.

So, the next time you are organising an event and want an attraction with a difference why not give Ridgeside Falconry a call!